🔁Why Us

Mysticswap is an OTC DEX for points, pre-market tokens and NFTs. Users create trades listing what they're offering and what they want in return for it, which other users can later accept. All trades are done trustlessly and via smart contracts. Now, as for WHY Mysticswap:

  • No collateral needed: we tokenize our partner's assets so they may be fully liquid and traded on Mysticswap. Since every token represents a point on our partner's systems, no collateral is needed when trading the tokens - the owner of the token is the ultimate owner of the point. The result? Mysticswap helps you unlock the full power of DeFi for your illiquid assets in a truly unprecedented manner!

  • Liquidity: As no collateral is needed and all trading happens in one place, an obvious consequence arises - Mysticswap has unparalleled liquidity for trading any partner project's illiquid assets. We are truly the best place to trade any asset we list!

  • Project-friendly: We're your favourite project's partner, first and foremost. Meaning we give all our partners a sizeable cut of the transaction fees generated on Mysticswap. The result? A healthy alignment of incentives between community, token issuer and Mysticswap!

  • The home of PointFi: As we prove our model, we plan to expand much further beyond OTC, to lending and borrowing funds using points as collateral, enabling liquidity pools for your illiquid assets and much more. Mysticswap is truly igniting a revolution of how we view and trade onchain illiquid assets.

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