๐Ÿง™Mystical Wizard Guild NFT

The official NFT collection of the MysticSwap platform


Thereโ€™s cause for concern in the metaverse. Many are falling victim to scammers, and to trading unverified NFTs on scam peer-to-peer OTC deals. The Mystical Wizards that guard Ethereum have noticed this, and thus decided that something must be done.

Together, they call upon the power of magic to create the ultimate spell, one that will fix all. They call it MysticSwap, and it will make sure NFTs are secure to trade, and make trading quick, safe and cost-effective.

To maintain MysticSwap, they create a Guild. Now, degens from across the metaverse travel to join this Guild and benefit from their magical spell! Are you one of these wandering degens? Well, wander no more. Become a Mystical Wizard and join the Guild!


Owning a Mystical Wizard NFT comes with several different types of utility. Read on to find out what they are.

  • Owning a Mystical Wizard means you pay no transaction fees when using the platform. This means you can now become a full-fledged degen, if you werenโ€™t one already.

  • Owning a Mystical Wizard gives you access to the Guild's Inner Sanctum! That means access to an exclusive alpha group, as well as other Guild-only giveaways;

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