The Mysticswap Whitepaper

Mysticswap is the safest place to trade NFTs & tokens Over-The-Counter (OTC). Currently, trading NFTs OTC is a dangerous and overall bad experience. It is very sad to see so many people get scammed when doing it, and so we've decided to start Mysticswap.

Say you want to trade your Mystical Wizard NFT for one with a different trait. Mysticswap is how you do it. Powered by Opensea's secure and audited Seaport Protocol, we give you the best experience when trading NFTs OTC.

OTC without Mysticswap

  • You are looking to make an OTC trade.

  • You shout what you are looking for from the rooftops of Twitter and Discord, hoping you find someone that wants to do this trade with you.

  • After much struggling, you finally find someone. Now you take the trade to a platform that doesn't natively support it, like Opensea or X2Y2.

  • You pray the other person will do the trade under the terms you've verbally agreed to.

  • The person accepts, and the swap is finally concluded.

Not a great experience, huh?

OTC with Mysticswap

  • You are looking to make an OTC trade.

  • You find interested people in Mysticswap;

  • You propose, negotiate and close the deal in Mysticswap.

  • Thatsit.jpg

Much better, right?

How does swapping work?

Trading on MysticSwap is super easy and intuitive. There are just 3 steps to follow:

  • Create a swap, by deciding what you want to offer and receive in return;

  • Share the swap with others;

  • They accept the swap, sending the assets to their new owners' wallets.

And... that's it! No fuss, no problem! Note that we don't hold your assets, and this process is literally as safe as listing an NFT of Opensea. See all about our security here.

Benefits for NFT collections

  • You get a royalty on NFT-ETH OTC sales and NFT-NFT trades.

  • You protect your community from scams when trading OTC.

  • You get a dedicated collection page on Mysticswap.

Reach out to our team or answer this quick form to verify your collection today!

Benefits for individuals

  • Secure trading

    • We are powered by Opensea's Seaport Protocol. Feel comfortable trading with Opensea? Then you are comfortable trading with us.

    • Our verification system will ensure you are able to trade your favourite NFTs quickly and in a secure, decentralized manner. We all know how long the large marketplaces can take to verify a collection, and how questionable OTC peer-to-peer deals can be. A secure platform with fast NFT verifications means a much safer experience for you!

  • 100x better experience

    • No more scavenging Twitter and Discord looking for trading partners.

    • Explore innovative trading possibilities, such as trait offers and collection offers.

  • Save your precious time - Save your time by using a trusted platform that is made to help you succeed in NFTs!

To see all the benefits for Mystical Wizard NFT holders, please see The Mystical Wizard Guild NFT.

Secure, cost-effective trading, explained

MysticSwap is the first platform outside Opensea to be powered by the Seaport Protocol. This makes it currently one of the safest way to buy, sell and swap NFTs on the market. This technology is extremely secure and tested, meaning you are in good hands. We also take extreme caution to safeguard against exploits and potential risks you may face.

The platform features a verification system, in which we verify the authenticity of featured NFTs and ERC-20 tokens. This system guarantees that all verified tokens on the platform are safe to trade and that scammers won't be able to pass off fake NFTs or tokens for the real ones. All verified assets are 100% safe to trade. We will verify collections based on the following criteria, in no particular order:

  • Requests from Mystical Wizard holders;

  • Partner collections;

  • Requests from our user base;

  • Collection popularity.

What can I trade

MysticSwap supports all main token standards for fungible and non-fungible tokens. On the platform, you will be able to trade:

  • ERC-721 tokens (see more here);

  • ERC-1155 tokens (see more here);

  • ERC-20 tokens (see more here).

In other words, this means you can trade and swap any combination of NFTs and fungible tokens with ease.

Fee structure

  • 0.003ETH to the person accepting the swap.

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