Check out what we have in store
Mystical Wizard NFT Launch (Done)
We will start by growing our community and launching the Mystical Wizard NFT collection. These 1,234 unique PFP wizards will grant you access to benefits when using our platform and to a community of like-minded wizards.
MysticSwap Launch (Done)
  • Launch a peer-to-peer NFT escrow platform.
  • Enable selling one NFT for ERC-20 tokens.
Full Swap Functionality (Done)
  • Enable users to trade multiple NFTs for multiple NFTs and ERC-20 tokens.
  • Begin collection verifications.
Collection and trait offers (In Progress)
  • Enable users to request any NFT from a collection.
  • Enable users to request NFTs with specific trait combinations.
Offers & marketplace Functionality
  • Enable offers and introduce general marketplace dynamics.
  • Offer notifications.
In-app messaging
  • Enable negotiation for specific assets via chat.
  • Introduce general channels for socializing.
Rewards program
  • Loyalty leaderboard to reward users for loyalty and activity.
Multi-Chain Trading
  • Start supporting other chains on the platform (think Polygon, BSC).
  • Cross-chain trading. Let's unite.
To The Moon and Beyond!
  • NFT analytics, key integrations, lending... it's gonna be a fun ride🚀