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DYOR Guide

Learn how to make sure your swap is safe, even if it has unverified assets

What are unverified assets?

When trading on MysticSwap, it is likely that you will come across swaps with unverified NFTs, which are collections that have not been verified as authentic. This does not automatically mean they are fake, or authentic for that matter. It just means we haven't checked yet. To make them easy to identify, these collections have been marked with a distinguishable yellow "question mark" icon next to their name.
If you're faced with unverified NFTs and want to be 100% sure you're trading legitimate assets, you need to confirm if the asset's collection address matches the real collection's contract address. By checking if the NFT is associated with the correct address, you will know if it is a fake or the real deal. To do this, you have two options: request their verification or check the collection address yourself. Here you will find how to do both of them.
Unverified collections have a yellow "question mark" icon next to their name

How to request verification

MysticSwap verifies collections all the time, to make sure our community is safe. We are more than happy to verify the collection for you, so you can swap securely.
To request the verification of a collection, please fill out this short form. We will get to it as quickly as possible!

How to check collection address yourself

To understand if the NFT you are swapping is authentic, you want to check if the contract address associated with the NFT in your swap is the same as the real collection's contract address. This would mean the NFT was minted from that contract, and is thus real. Here is how you can do this:
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    In MysticSwap, click on the name of the unverified NFT. You will find its Smart Contract address under NFT details -> Contract Address.
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    Now, you need to find the correct contract address of the NFT. The best way to do this is to search the project's website, Discord or social media profiles for their Etherscan link. NFT projects will usually share it in sections like "Official links", "Documentation" or even their Twitter links. Prioritize going to the project directly and not third parties, to avoid misinformation.
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    Once you've found it, it is now time to compare it with the address in MysticSwap. Is the "real" Smart Contract address the same as the one in MysticSwap? if so, then the asset is real and you are safe to proceed with the swap. If not, then the asset in MysticSwap is likely a fake, and you should not proceed with the swap. If this happens, please join our Discord and open a ticket describing the incident, so we may take appropriate action to protect our community.
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    If you have taken the necessary steps to confirm if an asset is authentic, please also help the community by submitting a collection verification request. It will take seconds only and you will be protecting others from getting scammed!
You will find the NFT's contract address under NFT details -> Contract Address
You will find the Smart Contract Address in your browser's address bar or in Etherscan's "Profile Summary" section
Security is paramount when you're trading NFTs with strangers, so please DYOR and be safe and make sure you confirm the collection address of the NFTs you are swapping!
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